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Remote Tracking with Track Assist

Game data can only be saved on one device. This is to be considered your “Data Device”.  All Other Devices will send stats to it only. To get started, go to Track Assist from the main menu, depending on the version you may need to press the Track Assist Button in the top left corner. […]

Stats Tracking

You can select which stats you want to track by enabling them in the settings menu on the main page. You can also create two custom stats which you can use for anything you want. When you tap and drag any player, a menu will appear. You will drag the player to the container that […]

Tracking Ice Time

To begin tracking Ice time, click the stopwatch in the bottom left corner. While that clock is running, ice-time is being tracked for any player that is positioned on the ice. You can move a line of players on/off by pressing the checkmark/x or by double-tapping the individual player.   Tracking will be separated into […]

Icetrack Hockey Stats -Quickstart Tutorial

Step 1. Enter in Your Roster Create all of the players that you will be tracking stats for. Step 2. Edit Your Lines Place players in the appropriate positions to make tracking easier. Drag the player jersey to the appropriate position.   Step 3. Create your opponents Create any opponents you will be facing. You can […]

Icetrack 2.0 Launching Soon!

  We are very excited to share a preview of the newest version of Icetrack due to launch on IOS and Android. This will allow you to manage stats like a professional with ease! IceTrack Hockey Stats provides an easy and intuitive solution for tracking a quick-paced game in real-time. IceTrack gives you the ability […]