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Tracking Ice Time

To begin tracking Ice time, click the stopwatch in the bottom left corner. While that clock is running, ice-time is being tracked for any player that is positioned on the ice. You can move a line of players on/off by pressing the checkmark/x or by double-tapping the individual player.


Tracking will be separated into different categories based on the conditions. By changing the strength from even to PP, PK, etc. Ice time will be tracked accordingly, as will all other events.


You can separate tracking into Attack Time, Neutral Time, or Defense Time by selecting one of the three buttons in the corner. This will provide more analytics on where player’s time is spent.


The clock can be started and stopped by pressing the stopwatch at any time. Other features such as Face-off autostart can be enabled to do this automatically when a face-off is recorded. The clock is stopped anytime you enter a menu.


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