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Icetrack Hockey Stats -Quickstart Tutorial

StepĀ 1. Enter in Your Roster

Create all of the players that you will be tracking stats for.

Step 2. Edit Your Lines

Place players in the appropriate positions to make tracking easier. Drag the player jersey to the appropriate position.

Icetrack Line Edit


Step 3. Create your opponents

Create any opponents you will be facing. You can enter them as you face them or at the beginning of your season.

Icetrack Opponents

Step 4. Create your game

From the game menu, add a new game and select the opponent you are facing and the date.

Icetrack Games

Icetrack Games


Step 5. Enter the game

Click on the desired game, and click the play button to load the tracking interface for that game.

Icetrack Games


Step 6. Track your game stats

See our other tutorial for more details on advanced stat tracking.

Icetime Tracking

Stat Entry

Icetrack Tracking Hockey Stats Icetrack Tracking Hockey Stats


Step 7. View Reports

A game summary is available from the in-game tracking menu under “Stats”. You can find more detailed reports and advanced filtering options from the reports menu on the main page. Enter the date range at the bottom and any other filtering options, then click Export PDF to view the report. You require a subscription to view PDF Reports.


Other Features:

Remote Device Tracking

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