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Track Ice and Zone Times, Shot Location, Face-Offs, Corsi, Plus/Minus and much more.
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IceTrack Hockey Statistics

Track stats across multiple devices at the same time! Get connected in under 30 seconds.

IceTrack Hockey Stats provides an easy and intuitive solution for tracking a quick-paced game in real-time. IceTrack gives you the ability to track a level of statistics never before thought possible. All reports can be easily exported as a PDF and sent directly to another person via SMS, Email, or other sharing Apps.


Ice time can be tracked and reviewed based on puck location and strength. You can use this tool to quickly identify which players are receiving the most ice time and what percentage of their time is being spent in each zone.


Face-offs can be recorded and reviewed by zone and how the faceoff was won/lost. You can determine your success rate for each player by zone and whether they were more effective on the forehand, backhand, or tying up a center.


Passing percentage can also be reviewed by zone to help you determine who is turning over the puck most frequently from where on the ice.


Shot location data can be recorded and provide useful information on the quality of the shots your team is taking and also allowing. You can record blocked and missed shots and generate your team and individual players Corsi.


Ice Track is set up out of the box to record the following statistics:


Icetime (Total, Even, PP, PK)

Shooting (On Net + Location, Blocked, Missed, Opponent)

Passing (Complete, Incomplete, Completion Percentage)

Scoring (Goals, Assists, Points, Plus/Minus)

Faceoffs (wins, losses, on-ice wins/losses,backhand, forhand, winger, other)

Other (Penalties, Blocks, Turnovers, Bodychecks)

Custom (2 Custom Stats can be set to anything!)


All of the reporting can be compounded over a date range and filtered by team, home/away, and game type (season, tournament, playoff,exhibition).


Track Assist Bluetooth Connectivity allows for another user to connect to your device and add most of the stats simultaneously. Up to 5 extra devices (cross-platform) are supported, customizable to what stats are important to you.